KOYO Co., Ltd.

as a partner needed by our customers KOYO Co., Ltd.

skillfull production

We believe it is important to quickly respond to customer needs based on reliable technical
capabilities and sincere service.
In order to accurately meet the various needs of our customers Aiming for corporate activities as a "convenience factory,"
Our wish is to gain greater satisfaction and trust.

a male engineer checking products with PCa male engineer checking products with PC

a male engineer assembly itemsa male engineer assembly items

a famale engineer operating a large machinea famale engineer operating a large machine

The four businesses that
support KOYO

  • Probe pin /
    Checker fixture

    We manufacture contact probe pins for board inspection, switch pins, and various guide pins used around checker fixtures.
    We have a wide range of services, including metal and resin cutting, assembly, inspection, and the design and development of jigs by
    based on micro-precision processing technology.

    Probe pin / Checker fixture

  • Heating systems

    We design, manufacture, sell, and install heaters to prevent freezing and condensation on refrigerated warehouse floors, heat-insulated doors, piping, etc., which have diverse needs.

    Heating systems

  • Rainwater storage and permeation tank

    A rainwater storage and permeation tank is installed underground on
    a site and is a flood prevention facility that temporarily stores
    We offer comprehensive solutions from storage tank design to construction.

    Rainwater storage and permeation tank

  • Solar power generation

    We are implementing a solar power generation business, which is a
    safe and clean form of "renewable energy."

    Solar power generation