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Since our establishment in 1987, our company has been consistently providing a variety of
products to the industry, making significant contributions to society.
Additionally, since 2013, we have been involved in the solar power generation business,
contributing to CO2 reduction and the preservation of the Earth's environment.
In 2016, we acquired a business company dealing with industrial heaters through mergers and acquisitions, diversifying into a different industry.
Furthermore, starting from 2018, we have been engaged in the rainwater storage tank
business, expanding and developing our operations across various industries.
We will continue to strive toward the goal of building a company that is beneficial to society,
putting in dedicated efforts for the future.

President and CEO

Hidekazu Sekine

Company Overview

Company NameKOYO Co., Ltd.
EstablishedJuly 1987
Capital20 million yen
President and CEOHidekazu Sekine
Number of Employees76 (as of April, 2023)
Headquarters location1-28-1 Aobadai, Kashiwa City, Chiba 277-0055, Japan
Phone Number(04)7192-7051
Business ActivitiesProbe Pin Design, Manufacturing, and Sales
Machined Products Manufacturing and Sales
Design, Manufacturing, and Sales of Inspection Fixtures and Assembly Fixtures
Design, manufacture, installation, and sales of floor heating systems
Design and Construction of Rainwater Storage and Infiltration Tanks
Solar Power Generation
Expansion of Coin Laundry Store Locations

Business Locations

  • Kashiwa Factory (Head Office / Accounting Department)

    KOYO Co., Ltd.  Kashiwa Factory 'Head Office/Accounting Department'

    Main handled products

    Various Industrial Heaters

    Rainwater storage and permeation tank

    1-28-1 Aobadai, Kashiwa City, Chiba 277-0055, Japan


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  • Kazusa Academia Factory

    KOYO Co., Ltd.  Kazusa Academia Factory

    Main handled products

    Contact probe pin

    Probe pin for wire harness

    Metal and Plastic Machined Products

    Checker Fixtures

    2-6 Kazusa-Koito, Kimitsu City, Chiba 292-1149, Japan


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1984AprilFounder Hidenobu Sekine started the manufacturing and sales of probe pins for the electronics industry as an individual.
1987JulyThe corporate entity 'Koyo Electronics Co., Ltd.' was established.
1994AprilA related company, "F.C.C. CORPORATION" was established as the overseas trading division.
SeptemberThe operation of the "Ichihara Factory" commenced.
1997OctoberThe operation of the "Kimitsu factory" commenced.
1999JanuaryThe facilities of both the Kashiwa Head Office Factory and the Ichihara factory were relocated to Kimitsu factory, consolidating the production departments.
2000AprilThe capital was increased to 20 million yen.
2004SeptemberPurchased a self-owned building and relocated the [Headquarters (Accounting Department)].
2006NovemberStarted operations at the "Kazusa Academia Factory."
Renamed the Kimitsu Factory to "Kimitsu Fukuoka Factory."
2007JanuaryEstablished the affiliated company "Microsystem Co., Ltd." as the design and development department.
2010MarchAcquired the floor heating business "Yusei Kogyo Co., Ltd." and incorporated it as a group company.
2012NovemberCommenced operations at the "Yokohama Branch."
2013AugustInitiated the solar power generation business.
OctoberRelocation of the "Yokohama Branch."
2015JulyAbsorbed and merged FTech Kogyo Co., Ltd. into Yusei Kogyo Co., Ltd., commencing operations as the "Ichihara Branch."
2016March"Merged Yusei Kogyo Co., Ltd. into Koyo Electronics, dissolving Yusei Kogyo. Simultaneously, changed the company name to "Koyo Co., Ltd."Constructed a new office building, relocating [Headquarters (Accounting Department)]. Also, started operations of the [Kashiwa Factory] at the same address.
2019AprilFounder Hidenobu Sekine retired as President and CEO, assuming the position of Chairman of the Board. Hidekazu Sekine became the President and CEO.
DecemberSubsidiarized the affiliated company Microsystem Co., Ltd. and simultaneously changed its name to "CLOVER CORPORATION" Shozo"Shobu assumed the position of President and CEO.
2021OctoberThrough M&A, "A.K.K. CORPORATION" becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary.
DecemberThe closure of the Yokohama branch is due to the business integration with Academia Factory.
2022MarchFounder Hidenobu Sekine has resigned as Chairman of the Board of Directors.
2023AugustKimitsu Fukuoka Factory has been closed.