Heating systems

Heating systems

In recent years, the development of logistics systems has led to an increased demand for heaters for freeze and condensation prevention.
And simultaneously, the needs for heaters have become more diverse.
To meet these needs, we engage in the design, manufacturing, sales, and installation of heaters for freeze and condensation prevention, focusing on advanced technology and extensive experience. Our expertise covers areas
such as heaters for refrigerated warehouse floors, heat-resistant doors, and pipelines.

Heating systems

A variety of requests
for responce.

We have a lineup of industry-leading products that boast high performance, efficiency, and safety, including
the self-regulating heater [Selcon Heater], [Surlyn Heat], [heaters for simplified toilet piping], [heaters for
drainage (roof drains)]and more.
Through these products, we cater to a wide range of requests, including preventing freezing in pipelines in
cold regions, preventing floor freezing in refrigerated warehouses, providing floor heaters for ultra-low
temperature freezing rooms for tuna storage (-60°C), preventing condensation around refrigerators and
freezers, preventing frost formation beneath refrigerated warehouse floors, and addressing heat bridge issues against incoming cold air. We are committed to meeting various demands from our customers.

  • selcon heater1

    selcon heater2

    Selcon Heater
    (Self-regulating heaters)

  • surlyn heat1

    surlyn heat2

    Surlyn Heat
    (Flat shape heating element/Carbon heaters)

  • mesh type1

    mesh type2

    Mesh type
    (The product incorporating Selcon Heater into a wire mesh unit.)

  • control panelControl panel
    (with temperature controller)
    *Separate embedding of the floor temperature sensor is required.

    Operation panel Operation panel
    (On/Off switch only)

Facility information

    • Machine tools

      Injection molding machine5 units
      Drilling machine3 units
    • Specialized machine

      Sealing machine for Surlyn Heat6 units
      Automatic wire stripper5 units
      Sealing machine for heating element outer covering sheet1 unit
    • Inspection/
      measuring equipment

      Volt-ampere meter aa4 units
      Insulation/withstanding hitester1 unit
      Insulation resistance tester12 units
      Circuit meter (tester)6 units
      Overhead line current meter (clamp meter)4 units
      Thermometer4 units
      Calipers1 unit
      Micrometer1 unit

    exterior sheet sealing machine vacuum machine injection molding machine

Production factory

  • Kashiwa Factory (Head Office / Accounting Department)

    KOYO Co., Ltd.  Kashiwa Factory 'Head Office/Accounting Department'

    Main handled products

    Various Industrial Heaters

    Rainwater storage and permeation tank

    1-28-1 Aobadai, Kashiwa City, Chiba 277-0055, Japan


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