Probe pin /
Checker fixture

Probe pin / Checker fixture

We manufacture contact probe pins for board inspection, switch pins,and various guide pinsused around checker fixtures.
We have a wide range of services, including metal and resin cutting, assembly, inspection, and the design and development of jigs by based on micro-precision processing technology.

Probe pin / Checker fixture

Our precise and accurate
processing technology

  • Machining technology

    Micron-level dimensional control technology

    By incorporating the latest Swiss-type CNC automatic lathe with skilled operators, we are able to perform ultra-fine machining with an outer diameter of less than φ0.1 millimeters. The operators themselves undertake a seamless process, from program creation to tool fabrication, enabling the high-precision machining of metals and various engineering plastics.

  • Assembly processing

    For all custom orders,
    flexibly respond,
    conducting all assembly processes

    We conduct assembly for small lot prototype products through manual operations, while efficiently utilizing automated assembly machines for large quantity production. This allows us to flexibly adapt to various production volumes.

  • Quality control

    From assembly to inspection,
    One-stop production

    We actively introduce the latest inspection machines and measuring instruments, and conduct quality control in a high-quality environment.
    By concurrently conducting inspections and assembly processes for the product, we have maintained a high yield and shortened the time until shipment.

Facility information

  • Machine tools

    CNC Swiss-type automatic lathe
    63 units
    CNC composite lathe (φ65)2 units
    Machining center20 units
    PCB drilling machine2 units
    General-purpose lathe2 units
    Universal vertical milling machine4 units
    Universal horizontal milling machine2 units
    Turret lathe1 unit
    Drilling machine11 units
    Bench lathe37 units
    Grinding machine for tungsten carbide3 units
    Grinding machine for micro drill1 unit
    Grinding machine for drill3 units
    Thread rolling machine1 unit
    Benchtop chamfering machine4 units
    Right-angle planer1 unit
    Running saw1 unit
    Mini band saw1 unit
    Cutting machine3 units
    Laser marker1 unit
    Barrel polishing machine7 units

    machine tools

  • Specialized machine

    Parts alignment machine4 units
    Automatic assembly machine for probe pin6 units
    Semi-automatic assembly machine for probe pin5 units
    Automatic detent pointing machine for receptacle2 units
    Semi-automatic detent pointing machine for receptacle3 units
    Automatic assembly dual-arm robot1 unit

    specialized machine

  • Inspection/measuring

    Projector3 units
    Measurement microscope(×40)1 unit
    Measurement microscope(×75)1 unit
    Measurement microscope(×30-200)4 units
    Measurement microscope with camera
    2 units
    Optical microscope(×20)8 units
    Optical microscope(×8-35)1 unit
    Optical microscope(×8-40)8 units
    Optical microscope(×8-50)4 units
    Optical microscope(×10-63)1 unit
    Video magnifier(×400)2 units
    Electron microscope(×2000)2 units
    Laser elemental analyzer1 unit
    Laser scanning micrometer1 unit
    Vickers hardness tester 1 unit
    Image dimension measuring machine1 unit
    3D shape measurement machine1 unit
    X-ray transmission device1 unit
    Precision resistance value/load measuring device2 units
    Push-pull gauge8 units
    Probe durability testing machine4 units
    Insulation/withstanding hitester1 unit
    Surface roughness measuring instrument1 unit

    inspection / measuring equipment

Production factory

  • Kazusa Academia Factory

    KOYO Co., Ltd.  Kazusa Academia Factory

    Main handled products

    Contact probe pin

    Probe pin for wire harness

    Metal and Plastic Machined Products

    Checker Fixtures

    2-6 Kazusa-Koito, Kimitsu City, Chiba 292-1149, Japan


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